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Some Things You Never Forget
by Richard Cordova (December 2019)

I need to express my heartfelt appreciation to the people and places that help the homeless like myself. They go over and above to meet our needs while providing our necessities, and more, with a degree of compassion and professionalism that is truly astonishing!


First, of course, is the Marian House. They were rated second in the nation for homeless meals. Las Vegas, Nevada made number one, but in my eyes, we’re still number one. The food there is donated by casinos that have chefs from all over the world: the best kitchen management money can buy. So, for the staff, volunteers, and employees of the Marian House, I congratulate and commend all of you every day, and I emphasize every day!


You go over and above so we, the homeless, and many others have somewhere warm inside to sit and a hot meal to eat every day. Thank you!


The next set of people is new to me, but from what I can see from their over-and-above performance, it is clear they have been around quite a while. The place is small, but their services include showers, laundry, commodities, emergency food, street food, sandwiches, two microwaves, caseworkers, and a nurse most days, all given with compassion and professionalism. They go out of their way to remember us, and they address each of us by name, a true attribute to the small staff in a small building. I and many others congratulate and commend all of you that work at Ecumenical Social Ministries (ESM).


Thank you all for doing so much and going over and above when it comes to what you do for the homeless community and many others as well. This is a kindness I have felt personally!


To the people and staff, I will never forget: you have touched me and many others.


Thank you once again!

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