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Skeletons in the Closet
by Richard Cordova (January 2020)

It’s said that we all have them.


I would guess it’s mostly true.


It’s very relevant to the female gender in the homeless population.


When I first began living out on the streets, when I became homeless, there was a bigger majority of males. What has astonished me is how in the past year or two there seem to be as many women as men who are living on the streets.


For whatever reason this has happened, I love the way they make us complete when it comes to their interaction. I couldn’t have asked or expected anything more - the best woman you could ever wish for as a partner, companion, mate, or most of all, a true friend.


Because I have been lucky enough to know and interact with so many, and I say this with the utmost respect…




So, when interacting with them I treat them like God would expect me to.


Someone told me once, "Rich, women have emotions and feelings, guys not so much.”


I hope that is not true of all of us.


On my way here, I ran into a female friend, a longtime friend. She was very upset. A friend on the streets had died in the weather.


She cried and said, “When are they going to help us when they have so many places where we could just warm up?”


How many have to die?


I had no response.

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