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A Child Among Us
by Richard Cordova (January 2020)

When I first became acquainted with this beautiful young lady, two or three years ago, I really didn't think much of it.


But then she became part of the street crew. No one, and I mean no one, could tame her disrespectful mouth, or her loud, mostly, bad attitude. When she and her mother started their venture on the streets, it wasn't easy for either of them. I say this with myself included.


Thank God for our street family. It had been everything and anything that this young lady could do to make everything an issue, but like most things, they seemed to always pan out.


I bring this up for many reasons. But one of the main reasons is, as I have noted before, the females have increased out here. Just like any responsible group of citizens, we all, and I mean it took all of us, to make her a member of our community, and that also means a part of the church she attends every week. She is part of our street crew and a part of the Colorado Springs community.


It just so happens that while I am here working on these street stories, she sits at her computer next to me most of the day. We talk and take turns watching her dog. As the day continues, I realize what a perfectly polite and compassionate young lady she has become. If nothing else, she sees what she wants, knows what she is, and knows what she wants to be.


When it starts getting late, she asks me if I could walk her to her mother’s spot. I agree and tell her we'll leave in a bit. I go down to get my sleeping bag and stuff out of library storage only to discover someone has taken everything!


I come back to get the dog and told her what happened down at the storage.


Do you know what she said?


Don't worry Richie I got a sleeping bag for you.


When you drop me home, I'll give it to you.


She never blinked an eye or hesitated to help me, and I'm sure at this point she has matured such that she would help anyone needing it.


This seems to be a rare quality among our youth today.


This is an example of good parenting and family influence.


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