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Shot Callers
by Richard Cordova (January 2020)

In our prison system, this person - this Shot Caller - is known as an S.T.G. - Security Threat Gang Member. This Shot Caller makes all the decisions ensuring that “issues” get the appropriate action or consequences as they deem necessary.


The street gangs have them also.


Some of the actions I have seen coming from our city seem very similar. I don’t understand how these people get away with it. It starts with the sense they are trying to monopolize and control public resources without concern for procedure or protocol. I know this for certain.


They have gone way beyond ethical boundaries and maybe even legal boundaries. They use their Hot team and police officers as strong arms toward the poor and homeless. They act forcibly regardless of the desires of community business owners, and landowners, and have even done so on church property.


I have seen this firsthand. I have stayed or been in all three of these areas when respected, law-abiding citizens who were helping homeless citizens were forced to stop.


The city sent in their strong arms to threaten them with fines and other consequences such that these kind-hearted owners had no choice but to comply with orders or pay fines and maybe even lose what they have. Rocky Top Resources, The Quarry, and America the Beautiful Park are just some of the places where I have seen this happen.

Continuously pushing the homeless from one spot to another is wrong, and I implore everyone to recognize and stop this before it gets worse because anyone could be next.


If you look at these tactics regarding the homeless, the city and city council seem to be acting like the prison or gang Shot Callers.


The increase in the number of people every spring and summer puts a load on local resources requiring more support, not less. The Hep A spreading throughout our community is only made worse by not providing proper water resources and trash receptacles. Bathrooms are closed as a way of trying to punish, drive away, or even kill off what must seem like an eye-sore to the Shot Callers. The way the rescue mission went from a warming spot during the day to purchasing a whole block while opening old buildings and putting up new warehouses makes me believe the city is also involved in this venture and wants all of us to go there so we won’t be seen walking around downtown.


They moved the Sally Wagon from AB to Dorchester Park which we later lost because it appears the city and city council, the Shot Callers, are using street gang tactics here too, and getting away with it.


If a simple homeless citizen like me, with nothing to lose, can see this, why can’t others?


As an American and a citizen of Colorado, I will stand up for what I know is right, and I will continue to point out these shameful tactics because it is simply wrong.

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