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The Hobo
by Richard Cordova (January 2020)

He starts his night like most, alone and heading nowhere, but knowing everywhere is somewhere.


In the first park that he stops at, there are many people around that do the things we all do at night and on the streets.


He decides to stop, rest, smoke some weed, try to relax, and wind down. Next, he continues toward some well-known stop where people like him will have camps or a fire, or like himself, a friend.


When he arrives, like always, he is greeted with open arms.


While talking to his friend, he throws down a blanket, so he is off the ground. He starts a small fire and is offered a sandwich.


Truth be told that bologna heated up on rye bread was one of the most delicious things he had eaten in a while.


Thanking his friend, he covers himself with his own sleeping bag. While lying under, still talking, another brother comes to the spot.


He hears them talking.


One says to the other, “Well I don’t know who is laying right here, but I’m throwing another bag over you. I can’t stand to see someone shivering.”


Thanking him promptly, he falls asleep. Feeling his feet getting cold, and then even colder he sits up, puts on some clean dry socks, and speaks toward the camps.


“Anyone know the time?”


His friend that fed him and let him sleep invited the hobo into his tent to warm up.


There was a street sister that had recently gotten housing and was visiting the brother that threw an extra bag to keep his friend warm through this winter cold night.


They talk briefly.


He starts his day walking past Dorchester Park, thinking they have turned it into a ghost park, referring to the city officials.


Continuing past the rescue mission, he sees trash and waste along the walk.


Someone gave out lunches, but the ungrateful person that received the lunch had pulled out the items inside and thrown them down next to the bag it came in. He could tell nothing was opened or messed with.


Being that he didn't get a sack lunch, he picked up the items and continued on.


Approaching the start of each day, he comes to the realization.


It’s Me


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