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A Christmas Story - December 2019
by Richard Cordova

As the holidays are here, I am reminded how it was a big part of being with family and friends.   As a child, I was surrounded by several aunts, uncles, and many cousins along with two brothers and two sisters, but not a lot of friends. Since I am now homeless, I have learned that people who are in the same situation as I have become my family. No one who hasn’t been in our shoes would understand this: like me, their blood family has pushed them away.

We are no longer judged to be suited for what they or society expects us to be. I never thought I would think or say this, but my street family has become more of a family than my blood family. Because of my time on the streets, I have gained very strong respect from many for becoming friends/family. Both words, friends, and family, are very important to me. I can also say that most know me very well: enough to say a positive or kind word about me.

Recently I’ve been in the process of contacting my mother. Yes, my blood mother. At this point, one of my blood siblings has been blocking contact with my mother. My mom is 76 years old, and she loves me, I know that. If I can talk to her, she will help me get off the streets. I was raised to be a man and not to run home to “mommy and daddy” whenever things get bad. But I know, now, I need my mother. As for my siblings, not so much.


I likely won’t see my mother for Christmas this year, but I have faith in God. I will see my mother soon, and I will no longer be homeless.


One day soon, maybe I will be back with my blood family and be loved as much by them as I am loved now by my street family.

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